Welcome to Holistic Physio Courses.

Ioannis Gouverakis PT, DO, MSc founded Holistic Physio Courses with an eagerness to learn a holistic approach to the evaluation and healing of the human body, a crucial principle in this modern world. It has been widely acknowledged that patients should not be classified on the basis of their condition, but should be approached on a case by case basis as a psychosomatic entirety!  We physiotherapists might often serve as psychotherapists, given that during a session we take on the “psychological burden”, which is carried by our patients and is passed to us spontaneously and in despair while our patients seek help. On the one hand, we need to protect ourselves from this energy field and, on the other, we need the essential knowledge and appropriate therapeutic methods that will help us provide a customized approach to effectively treat each of our patients. These methods become helping-tools that enable us to work with our patients both physically and emotionally. With the right training, everyone can do this, while demonstrating unequivocal respect for all personal and professional boundaries.

All around the world there are reliable health professionals of various specialties (physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, physicians) who teach separate methods of evaluation and treatment, not as individual techniques but as methods of balancing and self-regulating man as a whole! And this is the goal of Holistic Physio Courses: to invite these instructors to Greece and encourage them to share their expertise with us!